Comment aller en Corse 🐕 avec un chien? Comment se déroule une traversée en Ferry avec son animal?
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Comment aller en Corse avec un chien

Comment partir en Corse🐕 avec son chien?

Corsica Ferries is one of the shipping companies that operates daily rotations between France and the Isle of Beauty. Listening to its customers and their needs, the company provides solutions for those who want to go on vacation with their canine companion.

Reassure your pet on board the ferry

Both on the beach and on board a Company ferry, you cannot leave your dog unattended. Your pet is not allowed to roam alone on board and should not be left alone in your cabin.

The ships of the Corsica Ferries fleet are equipped with special cabins with linoleum floors. Cleanliness is one of the company's priorities to ensure that passengers travel in the best conditions.

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The crossing on board a ferry can be a source of stress for the dog. It is therefore essential that the owner pays particular attention to the well-being of his pet so that it does not develop an aggressive character that could be harmful to other passengers. Barking is also a source of noise pollution for the whole ferry. The master must be attentive to his companion and give him the necessary attention in order to reduce any feeling of stress.

Of course, the dog cannot be locked in the car during the crossing for obvious safety and animal welfare reasons.

How to travel with a dog on a boat?

Walking your dog on board a Corsica Ferries ship

Outside the cabin and while walking in the common areas of the ferry, the dog must imperatively être on a leash et avoir une muselière. These are safety measures for the animal and the passengers.

As far as the cabins are concerned, when you book your crossing, a pet-friendly cabin will be offered to you.

Promener son chien à bord d’un navire de Corsica Ferries

On board some of the company's ferries, a "Pet Hygiene Zone" is available for dogs to relieve themselves. Otherwise, special waste garbage cans are installed on the ship. Cleaning is the responsibility of the animal's "pet".

Respect the ferry areas where dogs are allowed

When walking on board, it is necessary to be careful not to enter an area where furry companions are not allowed. Thus, the restaurants of the ferries have areas where dogs are allowed so that everyone can enjoy their meals in optimal conditions.

Les tarifs 💸 pour voyager avec son compagnon poilu

The rates for transporting a pet between mainland France and Corsica are :

  • From 17 £/ crossing for a dog
  • From 9,90 £/ crossing for all other pets

The price does not depend on the size of the dogs.

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Prepare your trip to Corsica : Which vaccine for a dog to go to Corsica ?

It is recommended that you prepare your dog's travel formalities within 6 months before the departure date. If the following provisions are not respected, the canine companion will not be able to board the ferry.

Vaccination against rabies is mandatory for any dog going to Corsica. According to the legislation, the injection must be done at least one month before the departure. The vaccine is valid for one year and it is important to think about the recall.

Leishmaniasis and dirofilariasis are diseases that can affect dogs and cats in Corsica. A particular vigilance must be brought to these pathologies and one should not hesitate to speak about it to his veterinarian.

Dogs traveling in the European Union must have a European passport. This passport is issued by a veterinarian and complements the compulsory identification by chip. The identification by tattoo is not sufficient when traveling with your furry friend in the EU unless this identification was made before 2011.

Corsica Ferries performs a health check on animals before boarding. Dogs with a worrying state of health or questionable hygiene will be refused access to the ferry. The same applies to any sign of aggressiveness.


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Where to walk your dog Ajaccio ?

If it is more and more difficult to walk your dog in such touristic places, next to Ajaccio, you will find the beach of Porticcio which is authorized to animals, it is the part close to the tower of Capitello. You will be able to meet other 4-legged companions there.